The Idiots / Idioterne

Lars von Trier, Denmark/Spain/Sweden/France/Netherlands/Italy, 1998, digital projection, 117m
Danish with English subtitles

Written in just four days, The Idiots is perhaps the most provocative example of

the Dogme 95 program. Led by a feckless young fellow named Stoffer, a clutch of middle-class friends living in a commune take to "spassing" (pretending to be physically and mentally impaired) in public places and at private parties. Interspersed are scenes of the commune’s life, along with the story of a young woman’s attempt to become a member of the group. Von Trier achieves extraordinary intimacy with his actors, carefully charting the power shifts and struggles and providing clues as to the varying motivations for all this creative anarchy. Challenging but transfixing, The Idiots is a maelstrom of emotions and attitudes.

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