Persona: A Poem in Images

A featurette from the Persona DVD including Ingmar Bergman, Liv Ullmann, Bibi Andersson and Marc Gervais.
While the DVD's commentary track leans towards the critical-lite, the making-of featurette does an excellent job in using Persona as a platform to discuss Bergman's personal trauma that inspired a series of self-reflective filmic plays on the degeneration of the human mind & personality during the Sixties. Using interviews of Gervais, Liv Ullman, Bibi Andersson, and archival interview clips of the director from the Canadian program Man Alive from 1970, one also discovers the film's effect on the cast testing careers, and in the case of Bergman and Ullman, affecting their personal lives. It becomes clear why, for Bergman fans, Persona is such a daring work.