Film and Poetry. Emir Kusturika on Jean Vigo L'Atalante

‘I believe that this film of Jean Vigo completely changed my illusions on the revolutionary character of the cinema. It is the poetry which makes the cinema. If you want to last, you have to be a poet; if you're not a poet, the films you make can just be reflections… Fifteen years ago, all seemed much easier to to me; today, the things became rough. It is much more difficult to survive as a poet in the jungle of the modern cinema… Nobody knows what it means anymore. I remain persuaded that in L' Atalante, you find the perfect balance between dialogue and action [… ] The flying bride we see under the water… it is a certain form of homage to L' Atalante by Jean Vigo. But then, it became something much more significant, everyone dies and derives under water.’ —Emir Kusturika